What Does Piano Mean In Music Crossword?

The musical term “piano” has a specific meaning: it denotes “soft.” This clue is often found in crossword puzzles, where “piano” is the answer for a 4-letter word meaning “soft.”

Crossword puzzles are a great way to challenge your brain, pass the time, and have fun. However, sometimes a clue can completely stump you, either because you’re unfamiliar with the subject or just blanking out. If you’re stuck on the musical definition of “piano” for a crossword puzzle, we’re here to help.

What Piano Means In Music

_What Does Piano Mean In Music Crossword

What Piano Means in Music

In music, “piano” is a directive indicating that a piece should be played softly. It is the opposite of “forte,” which means to play loudly. The term “piano” is also part of the word “pianoforte,” the full name for the instrument we commonly call the piano.

Solving the Crossword Clue

When you encounter a clue like “piano” in a crossword puzzle, the answer is typically “SOFT” (4 letters). This solution fits the description of playing music in a gentle or subdued manner.

Additional Musical Terms

Black Keys on Piano Crossword:

  • A common crossword clue might ask for “One of the black keys on a piano.” The answer is often “EFLAT.”

Piano Dynamics:

  • Dynamics in music describe the volume of the sound. Terms include pianissimo (pp) for very soft, piano (p) for soft, mezzo-piano (mp) for moderately soft, mezzo-forte (mf) for moderately loud, forte (f) for loud, and fortissimo (ff) for very loud.

Italian Influence in Music Terms:

  • Many musical terms are in Italian because Italian composers were pioneers in notating music. “Piano” means gentle, and “forte” means loud.
_What Does Piano Mean In Music Crossword

Tips for Playing the Piano

Playing Softly:

  • To play the piano softly, ensure your fingers move at the same speed as the keys, except when playing staccato. Practicing will help you play fortissimo (very loud) without hitting the keys hard.

Key Pressing Technique:

  • Proper alignment of the piano’s moving parts is crucial. Misalignment can create extra friction, making the keys feel heavy. Regular maintenance and lubrication of the action components can resolve this.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the soft pedal on a piano?

  • The soft pedal, or una corda pedal, is the pedal on the far left. It shifts the hammers to strike fewer strings, creating a softer sound.

2. What does “piano” mean in a crossword clue?

  • In a crossword, “piano” typically means “SOFT.” This answer aligns with the musical directive to play gently.

3. What does it mean when a crossword clue says “sound like”?

  • A “sound-like” clue relies on auditory similarity rather than spelling. The setter proposes words that sound like the answer when spoken aloud.

4. What does a “V” symbol mean in violin music?

  • The “V” symbol in violin music indicates an upbow, where the bow moves from the tip to the frog (hand).


Understanding musical terms can enhance your crossword puzzle-solving skills and deepen your music appreciation. The term “piano” means “soft” in both musical contexts and crossword puzzles. Keep practicing, and you’ll master both your musical skills and your crossword puzzles.

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By familiarizing yourself with these terms and techniques, you’ll improve both your musical knowledge and your crossword puzzle-solving abilities.

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