Easy Ways-How To Make a Sad Rap Piano Melody In FL

Use minor chord progressions, play at a slower speed, allow the music to breathe, use emotional instruments, concentrate on softer sounds, including expressive articulations, and reduce the volume level. In this article, you will get more details on How To Make a Sad Rap Piano Melody In FL and how to make emotional melodies.

Beautiful Emotional Sad Piano FL STUDIO 10 Chords

To create a sad rap piano melody in FL Studio, use these chords:

  • Dm, C, Am, A#
  • D, G, Em, F
  • Cm, D#, G#

Making A Sad Trap Beat In Garageband: A Step-By-Step Guide

Start by choosing a chord sequence using minor chords from a minor key. Load this sequence into a track with an arpeggiator, synth, pad, or soundscape instrument. Employ a Trap Drum Kit, available in the Drum Pro Plug-in, and insert a Snare and Clap every third or fourth beat. To add zest, include 16-note notation snare and hi-hat rolls, along with uniquely stylized 808 rhythms that are melodically in tune.

Emotional Piano Hip-Hop Beat FL Studio 20 Project File

This project starts with a sorrowful four-chord sequence, beginning with a minor triad. The sequence utilizes a chromatically descending bass line to establish a poignant tone.

How To Create Emotional Piano Melodies:

  • In C minor, play CMG/BCm/BAm7(5).
  • Use the “Sentimental Progression” (iV/7 I /7 i/6), a popular melancholic piano chord progression that is effective across various music genres.
How To Make a Sad Rap Piano Melody In Fl

One of the most popular melancholy piano chord progressions, the “Sentimental Progression” (iV/7 I /7 i/6), works just as well in jazz, pop, and rock as in classical music.

How To Make A Hip-Hop Beat In FL Studio – Instructables

Composing music encompasses a wide range of practices, each of which might be considered “right.” It is only one technique to construct a hip-hop instrumental, but it is a basic way to produce a solid result. Much of this instructable is designed to be a jumping-off point since I barely touch the surface of FL Studio’s capabilities in this lesson.

You need:

  1. Computer with FL Studio installed
  2. Listening device (speakers/headphones)

Here are the steps to compose the music:

1. Finding a Sample

2. Set Up Your Drums

3. Sequence Drums

4. Load the Sample Into Slicex

5. Chop/Manipulate Sample

6. Combine Your Patterns

7. Sequence Your Chops

8. Polish It Up!

How To Create Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Keys In FL Studio’s Piano – Musictech

To make a sad rap piano melody in FL Studio, set the BPM to 80 and open FL Keys. Choose Dark Piano and adjust settings for a gentle attack, extended-release, and gradual decay. Increase detune for a lo-fi, out-of-tune effect, and set FL Keys’ settings to Porta mode. Use the Scale highlighting feature from the piano roll to select a minor scale and make triads on each note. Consider adding sevenths to each triad to create a jazzier, lo-fi sound. Adjust different volumes to give your melody a human touch. Use FL Studio’s tools to add variety and depth to your melodies, and employ effects like Fruity Phaser to age the sounds.

How To Make A Hip Hop/Rap Beat (With Pictures) – wikiHow

Start by loading up Garageband and creating a new software project to produce a hip-hop or rap beat.

Next, click on “New Track,” Then choose “Software Instrument” and click “Create” to pick a hip-hop drummer for your drum line.

Then, use identical methods to add a bass line and the lead instrument track.

Sad Piano Sample

Here are the chords if you want to know how to make a sad melody at fl studio

how to make a sad melody at fl studio

I – V – vi – IV.

I – V – vi – IV.

I – vi – IV – V.

IV – V – vi – I.

IV – V – iii – IV.

I/3 – VIsus2 – V – vi.

i – VI – III – VII.

i – i/7 – IV/b4 – VI.

i – VII – IV-IV.

The Evanescence Progression

Our first example, the “Evanescence Progression,” is suitable for novice piano players as it requires two diatonic chords. Specifically, this progression progresses from the major 1-chord to the minor 3-chord (I→iii)

The Evanescence Progression

This sequence is named after the gothic rock band, Evanescence, whose 2003 breakthrough hit “My Immortal” prominently includes this chord progression and won them a Grammy award nomination.

“The Evanescence Progression” is a household name in the world of melancholy piano chord progressions. You’ll get a sad tone if you play the I chord directly after the III chords.

The interval rocking method produces evocative melodic textures by contrasting the tones of adjacent chords.

Harmonizing melodies and creating sophisticated piano accompaniment textures are two areas where the interval rocking method shines.

RnB Piano Melody Tutorial

This lesson will need us to know three chords: 

C major 7th chord, the F major 7th chord, and the Bb major 7th chord. R&B chords for piano, C major 7, F major 7, and Bb major 7

R&B chord progression for piano using only 3 major 7th chords

C major 7th chord construction using the interval method

C major 7th chord construction finding 7th by counting up to the 7th degree of the roots major scale

C major 7th chord construction finding 7th using 1 half step down from root shortcut

R&B right-hand melody to play over a chord progression for piano

 R&B melody variation idea 1 for piano

R&B melody variation idea 2 for piano

R&B melody and chords for piano with half-note groove

R&B melody and chords for piano with quarter note groove

R&B melody and chords for piano

R&B melody and chords for piano with a syncopated groove


1. How do you make a sad melody on the piano?

Ans. Use minor harmonic language, slow tempo, and emotional tools. Focus on softer sounds, add expressive articulations, and incorporate a lower dynamic range to evoke a sense of loneliness.

2. How do you make a piano melody on FL Studio?

Ans. Start with a chord progression. Scale each chord and consider the role of each note. Mix tones to enhance the melody.

3. How do you make a catchy melody in FL Studio?

Ans. Tune into the chord progression, stick to the scale, and plan your composition. Add variations and contrasts to make the lines interesting.

4. How do you make a dark, sad melody?

Ans. Major chords and keys make a bright, cheerful sound, whereas minor chords and keys give a dark, melancholy sound. Minor scales create gloomy tunes. I picked G minor in the video and drew the melody’s bottom notes. Make sure these bottom notes play G minor.

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