Can You Play DS Games On Switch? [Issue Fixed]

Finding a device that functions with your older video game titles can be challenging when new gaming systems are released. With all the money spent on games, you might feel frustrated that your old games won’t play on the new console you just purchased. So, can you play DS games on Nintendo Switch? Let’s explore this topic in detail.

Can You Play DS Games on Nintendo Switch?

Playing DS games on the Switch is possible, but it requires some effort. The Switch system won’t seamlessly incorporate DS games, so you’ll need to use both a homebrew and an emulator. A homebrew system refers to a product that is not officially associated with the Nintendo name, often created by third-party developers.

To make DS games work on the Switch, you need:

  1. Homebrew Setup: A system not developed by Nintendo.
  2. Emulator: Software that allows the Switch to recognize your DS games.

Is the Switch Backwards Compatible?

Yes, through the Virtual Console and the Nintendo Switch Online service, the Nintendo Switch is backward compatible with a limited number of games from prior Nintendo platforms, including the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. However, physical backward compatibility with older cartridges or CDs from earlier systems is not supported.

Why is the Nintendo Switch Not backward compatible?

Why is the Nintendo Switch Not backward compatible?

Nintendo has a history of releasing new systems that don’t always work with previous ones. The Nintendo Switch lacks backward compatibility with physical media from older systems, requiring users to seek alternatives like emulators or homebrew to play older games.

Is the Nintendo Switch Worth It?

The Nintendo Switch has several advantages and disadvantages worth considering:

  1. Flexibility: Supports both home console and portable gaming.
  2. Battery Life: Around three and a half hours, which may be insufficient for long trips.
  3. Comfort: Detachable Joy-Con controllers and adjustable kickstands enhance comfort.
  4. Glare: The glossy screen can cause glare issues.
  5. Quick Load Times: Games load quickly, allowing immediate play.
  6. Compact Size: Easy to integrate with other gaming consoles and portable for travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you play any DS games on the Switch?

Ans. Officially, you cannot play DS games on the Nintendo Switch. DS and Switch games use different cartridges, and the Switch lacks a slot for DS games. However, third-party homebrew applications can enable DS game emulation on the Switch.

Q2. Why can’t you play DS games on the Switch?

Ans. DS and Switch cartridges are different, and the Switch does not support DS game cartridges or digital DS/3DS game purchases.


While you can’t play DS games on the Nintendo Switch out of the box, third-party homebrew and emulation solutions provide a workaround. The Nintendo Switch offers many benefits, including flexibility, comfort, and quick load times, making it a worthwhile investment despite some limitations.

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